St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home with Guns Offer Warning at RNC

The St. Louis couple who brandished guns to protect their home from Black Lives Matter protesters two months ago spoke on opening night of the Republican National Convention, warning that if Democrats win in November, American suburbs will be in trouble.

Yet in the first paragraph of its report, Reuters said the couple—Mark and Patricia McCloskey—repeated “unfounded claims by President Donald Trump that Democrats will destroy America’s suburbs.”

As if to contradict Reuters, Black congressional candidate Kim Klacik appeared in a video in which she strolled through the Baltimore neighborhood she hopes to represent as a Republican, showing the decay that has occurred under more than 50 years of Democrat control. According to Fox News, her campaign advertisement has been viewed more than 11.4 million times.

Reuters might also check with the New York Post, which reported several days ago about BLM protesters who marched into a residential neighborhood “demanding that white residents give up their homes.”

Charges have been filed against the McCloskeys, who are both attorneys. They noted that none of the protesters, whom they described as an “out of control mob,” have yet been charged with any crime.

“No matter where you live,” Patricia McCloskey said, “your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America.”

As if to underscore her remarks, a far left group calling itself Seattle Indivisible is urging supporters in that city to flood the City Council with demands to override Mayor Jenny Durkan’s veto of the council budget that would cut police department funds and up to 100 police officers. Seattle is one of several cities where violent protests have occurred over the past three months, ostensibly to protest police brutality.

The shooting of Jacob Blake by police in Kenosha, WI was the catalyst for more violence in Seattle Monday night.

Seattle Indivisible apparently believes its followers aren’t bright enough to craft their own messages, so they offer a “script” for people to follow.

Video images of the McCloskey’s defending their home from protesters—he armed with a semiautomatic rifle and she with a handgun—have been shared repeatedly on social media over the past several months.

Gun buying, which had begun to spike with the COVID-19 shutdown in mid-March, really gained momentum after riots broke out in several cities following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis after he was held down by a police officer for several minutes with a knee on his neck.

Opening night convention speeches were broadcast on Fox and CNN, so people could see and hear for themselves various speakers extolling the president’s virtues and defending his record. But the Associated Press might have given Trump more reason to complain about bias when it reported, “Speakers ominously warned that electing Biden would lead to violence in American cities spilling into the suburbs, a frequent Trump campaign message with racist undertone