Lets do some arithmeticking, shall we?
There were a total of just 74,222,958 votes cast in the last election for Trump.

Lets round down to 74,000,000 to keep things conservative.
My calculator (check yours out to see if you get the same result) shows 45% of that to be 33,300,000, Thirty Three Million Three Hundred Thousand.

Think on that. Somewhere about 20 % of the voting population is just fine and dandy with letting Congress & the rest of TPTB in D.C. be told exactly where to go and how to get there.

Lets go with the old “3%”  Revolutionary War conjecture of Mike Vanderboegh and that gets you just under One Million (999,000) who might be of the age, physical condition and with the intent and resolve to actually be on the pointy end of the stick with millions more in support positions.

With yesterday’s kinetics, the new administration tries much of anything and there’s a high probability that events can spin off everywhichway imaginable.

We do live in interesting times.

45 Percent of Republican Voters Support Storming of Capitol Building: Poll

Almost half of Republicans support the pro-Trump protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, putting them at odds with Democrats who largely oppose the actions of the demonstrators, a poll has found.

The survey released by YouGov on Thursday morning found that 45 percent of Republican voters backed the attack on the Capitol building, while 43 percent said they “strongly or somewhat” opposed the protesters’ behavior.

Six percent of Republicans were unsure while a further 6 percent said they were unaware of the events.