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WOW: North Dakota House Passes Bill Making Mask Mandates ILLEGAL, Bill Sponsor Calls Mandates ‘Diabolical Silliness’

The North Dakota House of Representatives has passed a bill that will make any future mask mandates illegal in the state.

Monday’s vote passed 50-44 and is now heading to the state senate.

“Our state is not a prison camp,” the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jeff Hoverson, said.

The state’s Republican Gov. Doug Burgum had put a mask mandate in place three months ago, but had previously expressed doubt about if mandates were really the way to go.

They aren’t.

Sheriffs Given Powers to Arrest Feds Who Violate Citizens’ Gun Rights in Missouri | Neon Nettle

The Newton County Commission in Missouri passed an ordinance that criminalizes the enforcement of any federal law that infringes upon the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

To further justify the legislation, the “Second Amendment Preservation Act of Newton County Missouri” cites the state’s own constitution:

“All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations passed by the federal government and specifically any Presidential Administration whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in the county,” the act reads.

The Newton County Second Amendment Preservation Act will nullify any unlawful federal restrictions on firearms that may be passed under Joe Biden’s administration.

The legislation also stipulates that “any and all federal agents trying to enforce the regulations listed in Section (1) shall be subject to arrest by the Newton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department,” and “the Newton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department shall be given the full authority to make the arrest of any and all federal agents that violate state laws and enforce the regulations listed in Section (1).”

I’ve mentioned these actions before, but I’m doing so again because they are important.  We will have to remove as much of America as we can from the federal power, which has become a tyranny operated by oligarchs and communists.  And we have to start doing so from the very lowest levels.

Push your local representatives to represent your wishes.  If those wishes contravene the federal tyranny, all the better.  Secede from their laws.  Nullify them.  Let your battle cry be, “I will not.  And you can go fuck yourself.”

Indiana, which already has a reasonably liberal concealed carry law, is now pushing toward statewide constitutional carry.  I’ve contacted my state senator and representative already, and I am going to try to organize some sort of get together locally where my friends and neighbors can also express their wishes on the matter.

Do this everywhere you can, or at least support those who are trying to do this.

UPDATE:  When I say “nullify them,” I also mean using jury nullification as it was constitutionally intended:  As a bulwark against tyranny and tyrannical laws.  If you are seated on a jury to try some patriot for resisting a tyrannical law, never vote to convict.  Try to achieve an acquittal, but at least get a hung jury.  Don’t tell anybody what you are doing or why you are doing it, just do it.  Don’t attempt to avoid jury service.  It is one of our most basic protective rights.  Use it.