The Stand Down Order Raises Questions

In early February, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a stand-down order of sixty days for all of the armed forces. Such an order will enable military officers to make sure there are no extremists in their units.

This stand-down order was issued in response to the January 6 Capitol riot, during which military veterans and even active-duty military personnel were said to have participated in the violence.

Meanwhile, National Guard units are still being deployed in Washington, D.C. to thwart any potential violence, and will be leaving sometime in March. Ironically, some liberals have speculated that these units might have extremists among their ranks. In addition, extra security measures (e.g. concrete walls, fencing) have been taken, particularly for Inauguration Day.

So how exactly will the military determine if there are any extremists within their ranks? Obviously, background checks are conducted on all individuals who want to join the military, so that would eliminate any chances of extremists serving in the armed forces.

Is this stand-down order necessary, or is it a knee-jerk reaction to the events of January 6?

It is apparent that liberals have not always cared much for the military,
considering all the cutbacks that they have imposed or proposed over the years.
And given the fallout from the Capitol riot, some of them are afraid of a possible coup, perhaps even one similar to that depicted in the film Seven Days in May, or possibly military coups that have taken place in other countries.

But liberals are probably concerned about an insurrection from the American people themselves, which is why Parler has been shut down and criticism of liberals on social media can result in one’s posts being removed, or possibly their account(s) being suspended or even terminated.

Needless to say, liberals are apparently not going to tolerate any type of criticism or questioning of their policies. Such intolerance is evident when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advocated the “reprograming” of those she considers to be white supremacist or extremist.

If her idea of reprograming is adopted, I wonder if the government will start off by implementing it on all military personnel.

And how exactly will such reprograming be implementing? Re-education camps (similar to those in communist nations)? Brainwashing? Indoctrination? Mind- control?

Is it clear that liberals do not trust the American people, given their contempt for America. And that is why they need to be voted out, starting with the 2022 elections.