Is Critical Race Theory at a School Near You?

The Legal Insurrection Foundation released an interactive map that allows individuals to track Critical Race Theory training in education.

The resource serves to provide students and parents with more information about the curriculum that is being taught in 200 colleges in all 50 states.

As Campus Reform has reported, Critical Race Theory training has been used by colleges and universities as a form of “diversity” training for students and faculty. Former President Donald Trump signed an executive order in 2020 banning these types of training. President Joe Biden reversed this order shortly after being sworn in.

William Jacobson, Professor at Cornell Law School and Founder of Legal Insurrection, spoke with Campus Reform about the project.“

This database is neutral, it simply provides the facts and links to programs and policies. Some people might like a school that has a lot of Critical Race Training mandates and initiatives, others may not like that. We provide the data and information so people can decide on their own,” Jacobson said.

The map does not focus specifically on the term “Critical Race Theory,” Jacobson explained that they “try to focus on programs that go beyond mere diversity initiatives, and cross over into so-called “anti-racism” and “equity” doctrines as well as other aspects of Critical Race Theory, though the lines are not always clear.”

New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California are among the states with the most schools on the map, with 24, 18, 14, and 20 institutions listed, respectively.