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Many of the same people screaming “DON’T TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM TRUMP” and “THE TRUMP VACCINE IS POISON THAT WILL KILL ALL OF US” and pushing lunatic conspiracy theories about how Trump was part of a super secret Russian spy cabal in 2020, have now spun on a dime, and are demanding that Americans rush to get vaccinated ASAP.

They are demanding this even from people who are at little to no risk from the virus, including children and people who had the virus and recovered fully.

Of course there’s going to be massive resistance. No one trusts these shameless opportunists and proven liars. We know they flip-flop their positions based on ideological opportunity from prior performance. 

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  1. It’s weird how the folks eager to get the vax are also eager to force others to do so. If it works, let others worry about themselves, eh? On the other hand, I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want the vaccine who is demanding the no one else get it either. If the vaccine works, let it work. If it doesn’t, then what’s the hurry to get it and force others to get it? It’s like they’re hoping that by forcing everyone to get it they’ll somehow make it actually work.

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