Oh, Look Who the Biden Administration Wants to Add to the Welfare Rolls

Joe Biden is looking to add Afghan refugees to the welfare rolls. No, I’m dead serious. The welfare system that is already in need of dire financial tweaks and fraud reviews might add thousands of more…because this is what liberals do. It’s all about the feelings. These programs were meant to help Americans and it should remain that way. Also, Joe Biden left Americans stranded in Afghanistan during our fiasco of an exit. Maybe he should focus on getting them out first before expanding the welfare state. Also, maybe he should get the measles issues that are plaguing Afghan refugees right now under control as well (via NY Post):

As thousands of Afghan migrants are being processed and transferred to the United States, the White House is requesting Congress make welfare benefits available to Afghan nationals paroled into the nation.

During the chaotic US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan as the Taliban took over the nation, US troops helped evacuate more than 116,000 people from Kabul, including 6,000 Americans.

This week, the White House asked Congress for $6.4 billion in funds to help resettle the Afghan evacuees. Part of the funding would go towards authorizing Afghan evacuees who have been paroled into the United States and cleared background checks or screenings to receive welfare benefits and qualify for a driver’s license or ID card. To be eligible, all individuals must have been paroled in the US between July 30 and Sept. 30 of this year.

All who are eligible would be subject to additional background checks and screenings at any time by Homeland Security.

By being granted parole, these individuals will have a year-long grace period to apply for asylum or other visas. The language change requested would seemingly make it easier for Afghan refugees to settle in the US, by providing English training and placing them in jobs, and for the migrants to receive “entitlement programs”

Can we pump the brakes here? Can we at least get several crises under control before we start handing out government cheese to these Afghan refugees? Also, what’s the job placement? We’re going to have millions of Americans racing to find work now that supplemental unemployment benefits have expired. It was a long time coming. It should have been done months ago, but I would hope now that those who had put off finding work restart their job hunt. If they fail to get a job, that’s their fault—but I think the national attention should be getting the economy back on track, getting health job creation again, and curbing inflation—all of which seems to be non-issues with this White House. Nevertheless, these are the bigger issues, not expanding welfare benefits to Afghan refugees.