So, what is going on? There was a stopped shooter in Charleston West Virginia. And it’s tempting to go a little crazy and start wondering if the three letters are “activating” people way less stable than the ones that hang out on this blog, and getting them to go hot.

ON THE OTHER HAND, as I’ve mentioned 2020 and 2020 Won not to mention 2020 Too we’ve been driving the entire population insane. And the run away inflation and weird job market — look, yo, yes, I hear everyone is screaming for employees. And that seems to be true in retail and food service, but anyone above that level of specialization or skill, that I know is looking for a job, is meeting serious headwinds — aren’t helping people who are already economically marginal.

In any population, at any given time, there are any number of people who might decide to go out via suicide by cop or in a blaze of ignominy by killing a bunch of innocents. And by the way, this has nothing to do with the availability of guns. Mass killing happens in every culture, though the Portuguese guy a couple of decades back who killed an entire group of people (like 20) with knives is still a puzzle. What were they doing, while waiting to be killed? Never mind.

Yeah, the democrats are trying to bang the drum for “sensible gun control” because it is their last desperate hope. They know what they WANT to do to the population, and it doesn’t work if the population is armed. Sooner or later, the signal goes up, and then it’s Cathy bar the door and they lose. (Note I’m not saying someone will give a signal. I’m saying that something will happen that the majority of the population will interpret as a sign to cut loose Also note this is not a threat. It’s a prediction.) So they are trying to bang their little drum, which means those of you who work in the gun industry know overtime and crazy hours and price jumps are coming, right? Because every time “Sensible gun control” (We’re so far past sense it’s not even funny) is uttered, the national gun industry go brrrrrrrr and the air temperature heats a fraction, from all the factories working over time.

But that, just like their idiotic new boogieman of “White Supremacy” is just that. Idiotic. To call any of these crimes “white supremacy” or think it’s coherent, organized and from the right, you need to be from another planet. Also white needs to have a new, until now unexplored meaning when it’s black-on-Asian, leftist-on-human, Latin on Mostly Latin crimes.

The thing we do know about almost all of these shooters is that they were known wolves. Either they had had run ins with the police before or — frankly — they were screaming cases of mental instability.

Someone reminded me that the shooter years ago, in the navy yard while on a trip in DC called the police to report that the lamps in his room were talking and conspiring against him.

The murderer in Uvalde had an history of cutting his own face, and this didn’t trigger SERIOUS mental health measures. He posted he was going to kill his grandmother (who, on cursory reading MIGHT have been the only stable influence in his life) and no one did anything.

Look, this country has a raging, stomping around insanity issue.

Every country does, to be fair.

The problem in this country — and the West in general — is both the way the Soviet Union used mad houses, and Soviet propaganda corrupting psychiatric theory.

The Soviet Union put political dissidents in mad houses, because if you don’t like happy fun socialist paradise, you’re self-obviously insane.

At the same time it propagandized the west with the idea our crazy people weren’t actually crazy. They were just reacting to the “unnatural” state of capitalism (As opposed to the imaginary communitarian paradise in pre-history that universities have invented and flogged on for decades.)

Enter a serious anti-de-instutionalization drive, and eventually the shutting down of the mad houses, and the new fun “homeless” crisis.

Let me start by saying that in a democratic republic incarceration of the insane is a seriously mind-bending business, because who defines insane, and who gets to pick and extend it?

So, it needs to be approached with extreme care.

But what we’re doing also self-obviously isn’t working. The left — stop me when this sounds like their attempt to abolish the police — thought it could have “community care” for insane people.

But it doesn’t work like that. Even with people that can take a tablet and be “functionally normal” (A friend’s father was schizophrenic. His meds didn’t make him stop hearing voices. It’s just when he was off them, the voices told him to kill the neighbors and put the chopped pieces in a trash bag. When he was on them, the voices told him to clean the house, take his meds, have normal meals, go to work.) not only can they not take meds (and let’s not start putting trackers on meds, okay? DAVOS these are my middle fingers) but their meds needs MIGHT CHANGE. Almost for sure will change.

I don’t need anti-psychotics, but I do need endocrine medication (without which I get very fat, very forgetful, and will eventually die of a heart attack, likely.) and periodically, without my noticing, it needs adjusting. In fact, because the thinking meat is influenced by those meds, I am usually the last to realize I’ve gone hypo-thyroidal again.

Sure, in true “community care” your family, neighbors, etc would notice you’re tilting a bit out of true, rope you in, and confine the thing before it’s too bad.

The problem is that kind of community care doesn’t exist in the US and might not exist anywhere in the twentieth century.

I’m talking about the kind you had in the village, where all the old ladies were forever inventing a much more exciting life than the one I actually lived, and might/might not have had any contact with reality. (Hint, it usually didn’t.) Which btw also means it wouldn’t be super effective.

So, our way to deal with mental illness, is to let mental ill people do what they will, including living on the street, defecating on themselves and assaulting passerbyes, and episodically going on a rampage and killing a bunch of innocents.

And that’s not working for anyone.

Sure the other type of health care had miscarriages, though most of them are not as egregious as the leftist academics claim. Yes, I have read about Mrs. Lincoln, and let’s be fair, other than the fact they had no chemical means of treatment, she was nuts. I don’t care if it’s oppression of women or whatever. Marx needs to be chased out of the theory of mental care, with sticks, and pitchforks. People don’t go crazy because they’re oppressed. People don’t go crazy because the world is unfair. People don’t even go crazy because they’re abused. I’d be very shocked if all of us couldn’t name several friends who had all these problems, and who are fully functional, decent human beings.

People go crazy — regardless of external circumstances — because something goes wrong in their brain. Yes, living conditions, etc. might complicate or make it worse, but seriously, they are not the cause. No one has ever lived or will ever live in a perfect world where all their dreams are fulfilled. That’s just nonsense. And letting people die and kill others while waiting for perfection is bullshit.

(Though under not complicating lives for the susceptible, dear left, you can pick one thing: Either stop importing people from highly machista cultures, or stop in your drive to make males superfluous, guilty (of something) and ostracized. I have trouble dealing with your bullshit and I’m female and have lived here for most of my life. Recently or even second generation males from these cultures are going to go ape-shit. And there’s susceptible people in every population, who will break exactly wrong. Stop messing with people’s lives, and holding everyone guilty of what people who vaguely look like them did before they were born. K thanx bye.)

No amount of gun control is going to solve the problem. No amount of “poverty mitigation” is going to get rid of homelessness.

The problem is mental health. And what you’re doing is applying a bandaid to the pinkie of someone with a sucking chest wound. It won’t help, but I guess it makes you feel happy and give you a commission on selling bandaids.

In fact, because the left can’t resist piling on failed programs, they’re now pretty much turning entire cities over the the homeless, while making it harder to give anyone real mental health care. Obama care made it almost impossible to commit someone against their will.

I guess the left feels sympathy for the mentally ill and the criminals because it’s their people, kind of like I tend to attract Odds, because I am one.

But we have a serious mental health problem in this country. And we need to deal with it.

No, we’re not crazier than other cultures. We’ve just ignored the need for treatment for years.

It’s time to stop the stupid. Of course it won’t happen while under leftist “rule” so expect the crazy and the deaths to increase.

Until it can’t be ignore anymore.

What can’t go on, won’t. It might do so longer than we thought possible, but eventually it crashes.

And so many things are headed that way, I expect an Earth Shattering Kaboom.

Meanwhile look to your mental health and that of those near you. And get ready to take the weight when all this craziness implodes.