New Report Shows Extensive Biden Admin Collusion to Classify Parents as Terrorists.

new report published by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government and House Judiciary Committee shows extensive collusion between the Biden administration and the National School Board Association.

“Internal Executive Branch documents indicate that the Biden Administration’s use of federal law-enforcement and counterterrorism resources is an example of government weaponization against American parents. If the Justice Department performed any due diligence prior to the issuance of the Attorney General’s memorandum, it would have understood clearly and forcefully that federal intervention was unwarranted. Because that due diligence did not occur—and the Administration acted out of political motivations rather than for law-enforcement reasons—parents around the country had FBI “assessments” opened into them,” the report states.

The report, which is interim as the Committee continues to investigate, gives a detailed timeline of the how the NSBA worked with DOJ, the Department of Education and the White House to push for federal law enforcement investigations into parents.

“The NSBA collaborated with the Biden White House to develop the language of the NSBA’s September 29, 2021 letter to President Biden urging the use of federal law enforcement and counterterrorism tools, including the Patriot Act, against parents. The NSBA shared the draft language of its letter with the White House, which apparently raised no concerns with the reference to counterterrorism tools or the inclusion of the Patriot Act in the letter,” the report states. “Five days after the NSBA letter to President Biden, on October 4, Attorney General Garland issued a memorandum that inserted federal law enforcement into local school board meetings. Attorney General Garland established a task force—including the Department’s National Security Division, with responsibility for enforcing federal counterterrorism statutes—to examine school board-related threats and highlighted the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center to serve as a snitch-line for tips about parents at school board meetings.”

After the letter became public, the NSBA apologized and a number of school districts ditched the organization. During testimony on Capitol Hill, Garland has denied any wrongdoing by DOJ.