“It Will Be a Massacre of Millions of People”

I first started researching Tablighi Jamaat almost eighteen years ago, in December of 2005. That was not long after I began investigating Jamaat ul-Fuqra. The results of web searches for both organizations overlapped, due to the commonality of the word “Jamaat” — that’s how I found Tablighi Jamaat.

[“Jamaat” means “community”, or “group”, or “association”. Jamaat ul-Fuqra is the “community of the impoverished”, while Tablighi Jamaat means, roughly, “association of preachers”.]

Back then Tablighi used to skate by without being declared a terrorist group, because it never engaged in any of the wetwork itself. It was billed as an educational group, and the bombing and throat-slitting were always done by some other outfit — Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Al Qaeda, and some years later the Islamic State.

Based on the following investigative report from Italy, Tablighi Jamaat is now a rising star in the world of Islamic supremacism. It is unabashed in its assertion that Islam will eventually conquer Rome and other infidel lands, and that the conquest will require a massive amount of bloodshed.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:


Video transcript:


00:00 “There will be a massacre of millions of people.”
00:07 “And after the war?” “Many people will join Islam.”
00:11 A war for the conquest, that of the West.
00:14 This is today the real threat of radical Islam,
00:17 which, hidden behind the shadows of mosques, follows the precepts of prophet Muhammad,
00:21 also here in the heart of Italian cities. “If the Muslims who are here in Rome
00:26 practice that law, no one can stop them. No one.
00:34 The conquest of Rome? Rome has already been conquered.”
00:37 The man who spoke with us last week, from a mosque in Centocelle, Rome,
00:41 was one of the most important leaders of an extremist movement
00:44 that wants to Islamize the world, that of the Tablighi.
00:47 “How many Tablighi are here?” “Eighty, a hundred.”
00:51 The followers of the movement, which in other European states
00:54 have even taken part in terrorist actions,
00:57 in Italy are expanding more and more, creating meeting places where radical Islam is preached,
01:02 not only in Rome. My journey starts from here.
01:07 We are in Calderara di Reno, in the province of Bologna,
01:10 and here, inside this building, is the mosque where the members of the Tablighi group gather.
01:16 “In Bologna there are many of them.” “Of Tablighi?”
01:19 “Yes, they go every day to different cities, even outside Italy,
01:23 like France, England, everywhere, all over the world.”
01:27 “So they go to preach their religion?”
01:30 “Exactly.” “You are a Tablighi Eddawa?”
01:33 “Yes, I am a Tablighi Eddawa.” “Does your wife have to put on the veil to go out?”
01:36 “Yes, the burqa.” “Going out is not allowed.”
01:39 “It isn’t?” “A little, a little. This is the law of Qur’an.”
01:48 “Where are you from?” “I am Italian.” “Italian? OK.”
01:53 “Do you need a burqa? Covering like this? Burqa?”
01:57 “No, not for now, me.” Did you understand?
02:00 After a few minutes of trying to talk to the Tablighi of this center in Bologna,
02:04 they immediately tried to convince me to respect the Islamic rules.
02:08 “I see you, I tell you what you can do, what you can’t do,
02:13 how Islam works, if you don’t wear the burqa, you will account to God,
02:18 because you didn’t wear the burqa, you understand? It’s something forbidden.
02:23 If you, as now, you are a Christian?”
02:30 “Yes.” “Yes? But in our opinion, if you die as a Christian,
02:36 you go to Gehenna, it means Hell.” “You go to Hell.”
02:40 “Yes, Hell.”
02:46 “Yes, women are covered in Islam, for the safety of women.
02:53 If we, for example, take something out,
02:56 someone comes to steal it, he can easily steal that.”
03:00 “So, you’re basically saying that the woman is like an object, man’s property?”
03:08 “Yes, after getting married, it is.”
03:11 Rules that trample on women’s rights,
03:14 thoughts that don’t match the respect of Western laws.
03:17 “What is done in Western society,
03:20 is not accepted by you?” “No, no, no, no.”
03:23 Even Saudi Arabia, two years ago,
03:26 banned the Islamic organization, claiming that Tablighi Jamaat
03:31 had stances that are too extremist and pro-terrorism.
03:34 “Just because of the characteristics,
03:37 of this movement, of its lack of control,
03:40 of its secrecy, of its fundamentalist doctrine,
03:44 it can happen that cells develop,
03:48 and then they engage in overt terrorism.”
03:52 In Genoa, last week,
03:56 the police arrested a Bangladeshi citizen who was part of a terrorist organization
04:00 linked to Al-Qaeda. According to the prosecutor’s office,
04:04 this man had joined the Islamic movement, Tablighi Jamaat Eddawa.
04:08 “Have you seen the news about that guy who was arrested in Genoa?”
04:12 “No, I haven’t heard anything.” “Was he part of the Tablighi?”
04:16 “I mean, Tablighi doesn’t mean that you are card-carrying member.
04:20 If you come to participate, it doesn’t mean that,
04:24 outside of the movement, they have to control you, what you do, what you don’t do.”
04:28 “But isn’t it a radical movement?” “No.”
04:32 This is the head of the Tablighi center in Bologna. “I am the founder
04:35 of the federation at the regional level,
04:38 founder at the national level of the confederation in Rome.”
04:42 In short, a prominent member of the movement. “We are not…
04:46 I mean, we are open-minded people. I mean, they want to paint us
04:50 as closed-minded people.” “Rome will be conquered,
04:54 as Constantinople was conquered, as it was prophesied by our prophet Muhammad.”
05:00 The sheikhs said: ‘We will conquer Rome.
05:04 either by force or by ideology.’” “So, go to the sheikh,
05:08 since he uttered this sentence, and he has to answer for it.”
05:12 “Ah, OK, you don’t agree, do you?” “But everyone is free
05:16 to practice their own beliefs.” But it’s a hadith that says: “After Constantinople,
05:21 we will conquer Rome.’” “We won’t finish our talk any more, because you insist on that.”
05:24 “Because you don’t answer me.” “I have to say goodbye.”
05:28 He won’t answer us, then he tells us not to talk to anyone else.
05:32 “Don’t take statements from people who don’t even know what they’re talking about.”
05:36 From Bologna, I move on to Brescia.
05:40 We are in the heart of the city,
05:44 and here, inside this building, there is one of the mosques
05:48 that ended up in the crosshairs of the Brescia Prosecutor’s Office
05:52 for suspicious financing to countries with risk of terrorism. This center is also managed
05:58 by members of the Tablighi group. Only here in Brescia
06:06 there are about nine mosques attended by members of the Tablighi group.
06:10 We are in Bedizzole, province of Brescia, and this is another of the mosques
06:18 that ended up in the crosshairs, for suspicious financing.
06:24 Here I can talk to the president of the center.
06:28 “This mosque here ended up in the investigation files
06:33 of Brescia Prosecutor’s Office for suspicious financing to countries with risk of terrorism.”
06:36 “We have already filed a lawsuit against that newspaper.”
06:40 “It’s not a newspaper, these are the Prosecutor’s Office papers. I need to understand.”
06:44 “No, you don’t have the right to understand our things.
06:48 You only have to understand Tablighi.” We respect Italian laws, all that there is.
06:52 Even if they clash with the Qur’an? “No, they don’t clash with anything.”
06:56 “No, they don’t clash with anything.” “No, no, no.” “Yes, but for example,
07:00 arranged marriages are forbidden here.” “Where is it written?”
07:04 “It’s the Italian law.” “But we are going out of our topic.”
07:08 But that’s what the topic is. The movement wants
07:14 to impose the laws of the Qur’an on the entire West.
07:19 According to the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office,
07:22 the Tablighi preach the true Islam, the radical one.
07:26 They approach thousands of young people from European countries
07:30 through daily ritualism that produces the rejection of the West.
07:33 “There will be a battle against non-believers.”
07:38 “There will be a war against each other.” “And it will be a massacre
07:42 of millions of people.” “And after the war?”
07:46 “Many people will join Islam. And so,
07:50 the conquest of Rome, the conquest of the West
07:54 will automatically take place.”