More SloJoe senility on display

Joe Biden Gets Uncomfortably Lost and Confused at Globalist Conference

….To be sure, Biden has done this before. After all, this is the same guy who had to be led away by the Easter Bunny at the White House last Spring. For my money, this is the worst episode yet, though. He legitimately doesn’t seem to understand where he’s at and where he’s supposed to go.

And while some might say this could happen to anybody, I’d contend that stretches credibility. Normal people do not meander around a stage, staring in random directions while someone else is addressing them. Normal people do not have to be guided down by handlers, which is what looks like is happening as he points, seeming to ask where he’s supposed to be. In short, it is not difficult to walk off a stage. That Biden continually makes it so hard is evidence of his senility.

Cue the “fact-checkers” to claim that he was really just “greeting” people, but no one who watches that video with a fair mind would come away thinking that’s what happened. He’s confused, and it’s obvious he’s confused. That he gets confused while someone else is addressing him makes it all the worse as a visual exercise……….

Things like this take on a special significance when Biden is overseas, appearing on the national stage. Adversaries of the United States see this stuff and they do not fear this man. In fact, if recent Iran and Russian behavior is any indication, they fully believe they can take advantage of him. There are real consequences to having a president who doesn’t appear to actually be functioning as the president. Hopefully, voters figure that out if Biden is crazy enough to run for re-election.